Sharing vision - Bringing Empowerment

Who are we?

Date: 12/09/2018

Action to the Community Development Institute (ACDC), formally Action to the Community Development Center (ACDC) is a Vietnamese non-government organization, established in 2011, for and of persons with disabilities , to support the persons with disabilities  and vulnerable groups in the society.

ACDC is a non-government and non-profit science and technology service organization, persistently seeking and implementing possible solutions to help improve the living environment, promoting and developing a protected and barrier-free society for the rights of Vietnamese persons with disabilities.

ACDC is also a for and by persons with disabilities  organization, promoting and supporting the activities of all implementing partners to support persons with disabilities  in improving quality of life, looking towards equal status, independence, social integration, and abilities of persons with disabilities  to contribute more effectively to the society, following the realization of "leave no one behind".

On its journey, ACDC has become one of the pioneers in policy advocacy for people with disabilities and an active member of the Network of OPDs.


ACDC is a reputable organization in improving quality of life, promoting the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities  and vulnerable groups.


ACDC is committed to contributing to the inclusion of persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups through support activities to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities and promote persons with disabilities support models.

Our core values

ACDC undertakes the mission above based on its achievements, people and organisational values consolidated over the past 10 years of ACDC’s operation.

ACDC is an organisation of and for Persons with disabilities , which is indicated through aspects such as: rights, capabilities, equal opportunities for, and equitable participation of Persons with disabilities  as well as vulnerable groups in economic, cultural, political, social... activities.

  • Committed and consistent: Persons with disabilities , OPDs, vulnerable groups and organizations receiving services from ACDC as well as ACDC’s others partners always trust and love ACDC for its tireless efforts and consistency in pursuing its vision and mission.
  • Professional: From its consolidated experiences, ACDC has always committed to providing products, services, programs and activities in a professional manner. ACDC is one of the top quality organizations for its programs, activities and services.
  • Reputable: ACDC continuously strives to be a reliable and reputable support and service provider with high quality for persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups.
  • Timely services: ACDC always strives to detect and provide necessary and appropriate support in a timely manner to the right subjects. ACDC keeps partners up-to-date with the organisation status.
  • Practical: We expect that the models or activities provided by ACDC for the community will result in useful and sustainable impacts for persons with disabilities  in particular and society in general, also, being important evidences for agendas, policy discussions and development, and influencing society’s perceptions of persons with disabilities  and disadvantged groups for larger scale impacts.