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New Year Greetings Letter – 2022

  • Perform: Nguyệt Hà (Translator: Thủy Hải)
  • 20/01/2022
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Dear esteemed counterparts, sponsors, colleagues and friends,

Lunar New Year – Year of the Tiger 2022 is coming, Action to the Community Development Institute (ACDC) would like to send best wishes and regards to all of you, our counterparts, sponsors, colleagues and friends, who have always stood by our side and supported us during the past time.

Established on November 2, 2011, ACDC officially marks 10 years of establishment and development in 2021. Last year was also a year of many difficulties and challenges not only for the persons with disabilities community but also for the whole society. Covid-19 has not yet ended, social distancing and travel restrictions still take place regularly in many provinces causing many obstacles. Overcoming all that barriers, ACDC has always made great efforts and achieved various successes in the process of completing new strategic goals, becoming a prestigious organization in improving the quality of life and promoting full and effective participation of persons with disabilities and disadvantaged groups.

Over the past ten years, ACDC has worked tirelessly and creatively to create a barrier-free society for persons with disabilities in Vietnam. Approximately 38.000 turns of people have been raised awareness about persons with disabilities through media events or activities related to policies, etc. Over 18,000 turns of persons with disabilities have been received supporting services by ACDC in various areas such as legal advice, accessible house models, education, information technology, etc. The network of persons with disabilities nationwide has also been enhanced, forums for exchanging and sharing experiences are conducted regularly and continuously. By the end of 2021, ACDC has promoted and supported the establishment of more than 10 organizations of persons with disabilities, supported capacity building and network connection for 23 provincial OPDs across the country.

ACDC team at Hanoi Office

In the next 10 years, ACDC pledges to stay true to our vision and mission “Sharing vision, bringing empowerment”. To better serve the community, we are always willing to receive new ideas, explore and implement new initiatives.

In the new year, ACDC would like to express our deep gratitude to our counterparts, sponsors, colleagues and friends who have always supported us and stood by our side. ACDC hopes that in the coming period, we will continue to cooperate more closely for a life without barriers, for inclusion and affirmation of the position of persons with disabilities in the development process of Vietnam.

Wish you all have a Tet holiday with lots of joy, happiness and peace with your loved ones and family! Happy New Year!


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