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Thua Thien Hue: Series of events to celebrate the international day of persons with disabilities

  • Perform: Minh Chau
  • 01/12/2023
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Joining the jubilant atmosphere of the holiday across the country, in Thua Thien Hue, Action to Community Development Institute (ACDC) in collaboration with the Organization for Persons with Disabilities - funding disability and orphans and the Organization of Persons with Disabilities in Quang Dien district organized activities to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 3/12.

In response to the theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2023 "United in action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with and by persons with disabilities", more than 165 persons, including representatives of departments and agencies, persons with disabilities participated in the events on 30/11/2023 and 01/12/2023. Apart from commemorative activities, the photography exhibition "Typical Examples of Persons with Disabilities Overcoming Barriers to Live Independently " attracted many participants.

The exhibition recognized persons with disabilities’efforts to overcome difficulties and to live independently in the community. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for persons with disabilities to exercise their right to participate in social activities and as well as raising awareness in the community to join hands for the happiness of persons with disabilities.

In particular, ACDC in collaboration with the OPD of Quang Dien district organized propaganda on gender-based violence against persons with disabilities, which corresponds with this year's theme. Throughout the event, a series of activities were organized such as propaganda of knowledge on gender violence and disabilities, a quiz with the relevant questions, propaganda skits on the prevention of gender violence against persons with disabilities, and a propaganda painting. The event drew enthusiastic participation from persons with disabilities as well as local officials, creating a healthy and useful playground for them and promoting their social participation, and independent and confident living.

The activity also recorded  a lot of positive feedback from participants:

  • “I'm so happy when participating in this event. Persons with disabilities have a chance to join in a meaningful playground and learn valuable knowledge about gender-based violence prevention. It's truly amazing. I hope there will be more opportunities for persons with disabilities in Quang Dien district as well as in Thua Thien Hue province.". – Ms. Ho Thi Tuyet – a person with disabilities in Quang Ngan commune, Quang Đien district.
  • I'm over the moon today. The event means a lot to persons with disabilities like me. The knowledge gained is not only helpful for myself but also everyone around me.". – This was shared by Ms. Nguyen Be – a person with disabilities in Quang Vinh commune, Quang Đien district.

  •  It’s a great honor for me to take part in this event and learn more about gender-based violence against persons with disabilities. This was also the first time that I acted in a skit, participated in a quiz to receive gifts, and painted with others. I had the opportunity to express myself and expand my horizons with valuable knowledge, bringing me and others a sense of care and encouragement to integrate into society. I’d like to say “thank you” to organizers – Ms. Thai Thi Huong – a person with disabilities in Quang An commune, Quang Dien district.
  • This is a meaningful activity that allows persons with disabilities to integrate, share their thoughts and desires, and participate in collective activities, fostering bonds and unity among them. Through propaganda activities, persons with disabilities conveyed powerful messages on preventing gender-based violence against persons with disabilities. Additionally, the activity has opened doors for the Quang Dien District OPDs to collaborate with local governmental departments and organizations in supporting persons with disabilities in the future.".- Ms. Pham Thi Hoa – Vice President of Quang Dien District Women's Union.

  • Ms. P.T.M.N from the Justice Department of Quang Dien district shared, "The event fostered exchanges and learning among persons with disabilities in the district. It also aimed to raise social awareness about persons with disabilities, to explore and listen to their needs, potential, as well as their challenges, and to encourage the use of their remaining abilities to integrate into society. Moreover, this activity propagated to persons with disabilities about their rights and responsibilities and educated them on how to prevent violence. This contributed to changing societal perceptions, encouraging persons with disabilities and the disadvantaged group to enhance their capabilities and contribute to society”.

The event is under the project "Raising Voices, Creating Opportunities- II" funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). These activities have contributed to raising the community’s awareness in general and persons with disabilities in particular about the role of persons with disabilities in society, contributing to building an inclusive, equal environment for them.


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